Longview Aviation Asset Management Inc. (LAAM)

LAAM was established in 2016 to provide attractive financing and lease options, as well as trade-in aircraft capabilities, for aircraft supported and manufactured by Viking Air Limited (Viking).

In 2018, LAAM, in partnership with Viking, formally launched the CL-415EAF "Enhanced Aerial Firefighter" conversion program. The CL-415EAF combines the proven performance of the CL-215 airframe with modern upgrades to create the next generation of the world’s only purpose-built aerial firefighter and multi-mission amphibious platform.

Lease Options

LAAM offers qualified operators excellent interest rates and flexible finance lease conditions.
Leasing Details


LAAM has acquired a fleet of CL-215 aircraft for conversion to the Viking CL-415EAF standard.
Enhanced Aerial Firefighter